Georgia Tech in the News Archive

Georgia Public BroadcastingJoshua S. Weitz, professor of biological sciences at Georgia Tech, joins the discussion to explain why Georgia is seeing a sustained plateau of cases, why and how we should test, and the purpose of projection models.

The Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionIt can be hard to find silver linings in the clouds of Covid-19, but a few are evident. One of them is how Georgia’s research universities and the Georgia Research Alliance are stepping up in this crisis.

The New York TimesHealth care workers are facing a serious shortage of critical equipment needed to treat the coronavirus. We spoke to the makers who are building innovative protective gear and ventilators for them.

CBS46Georgia Tech associate professor Shannon Yee is answering the desperate call for more medical equipment with a makeshift ventilator.

Los Angeles TimesThe coronavirus cannot keep us stuck in our homes forever. Someday our kids will go back to school, we will return to work, and families and friends will gather once again for birthdays, holidays, weddings and funerals.