Georgia Tech in the News Archive

Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionI have been looking at Georgia Tech’s COVID-19 Event Risk Tool, which enables you to plug in a county and the number of people at an event to estimate the risk that at least one COVID-19 positive individual will be present.

Barron'sOver the last few months, multiple U.S. airlines, including American, Southwest, and Spirit, have canceled hundreds or thousands of flights over the course of several days, citing weather and staffing shortages as main factors for these disruptions.

National GeographicThere's still a risk of transmitting the COVID-19 virus, but experts say tracking local transmission, getting vaccinated, and testing guests can minimize the odds.

The HillCOVID-19 cases are climbing nationally as the U.S. barrels into its second holiday season during the pandemic, with most families planning this year to gather for Thanksgiving.

Scientific AmericanBy combining a standard BBQ lighter with superfine microneedles that are common in medical and cosmetic procedures, researchers have developed a $1 device that uses electricity to inject certain vaccines more efficiently—and less painfully.